Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

#1 Raceknuckle

Well, how to start? This story is about building a new bike, based on a fake knucklehead that I bought some years ago. It sat unused in the garage for some time and after spending some time thinking about if I should burn it or use it for something fancy I decided to start a new project with it.

The good thing about it is the fact that it has a german license stating the year built is 1947 which in turn means that higher exhaust sound levels are possible, no turn lights and mirror are needed. I decided to keep only the frame and add some new parts:

Old fender is removed and a new, light one made of aluminum is fitted as well as a Mesinger racing seat. However the Mesinger doesn't fit right, looks good from side view but seen from the top it is too wide and disturbes the frames line:

Regarding the motor I'd always liked the S&S KN93 Knucklehead so this one will make it into the bike:

It will be equipped with a Weber two-throat DCOE40. The motor will be tuned a little bit, so in preparation of the tasks to come and to decide if the S&S cam is to be used the valve lift is measured:

Most parts of the motor are getting polished, heads and connecting rods for example:

Finally, to call a spade a spade I'll name it "Raceknuckle"...


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