Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

#2 Raceknuckle

OK. S&S KN93. As some of the parts will be modified, polished, ported, flowed etc. etc. the motor was disassembled first. As it turns out this was a brilliant idea because a piece of debris was found as the cover and gears were removed. Remember, this is a new, unused motor!

Where does that piece come from? As it turned out, the piece was missing from one of the tappet blocks and first guess how that could have happened was that the tappet was slightly twisted upon assembly so the roller broke off the edge.

However this issue was solved quickly with the help of the german distributor by replacing the broken block with a new one. One other thing to mention is that you don't expect a lot of scratches as shown below when opening a new motor:

Just not to forget, motor and assembly work on this project will be done by Michael Schneider. Check out his website: Schneider Performance



  1. That means: you give the advise to disassamble a new engine coming from S&S ?!

    1. Most likely I would not have opened the motor if it would have been used as is. Based on construction and assembly It's always possible that something unwanted happens, independent of the motors make. At least I would remove the cam cover (which is a fairly easy task) to check for proper timing gear alignment and broken off parts.