Montag, 1. April 2013

#1 Panhead parts

Something different...

About three years ago I started to make a new pressure plate for my Panhead. I didn't mount it that year, then had an accident that made a complete rebuilt of the Panhead necessary which took almost one year. Last year I drove it as it was so...I finished and mounted it today as part of the seasons preps.

All started with a drawing:

Machining of the counter bracket for the coils (10):

I bagged them because this one and the pressure plate itself will be send to a local shop for giving them a nice black anodization:

Special nuts made of titanium (because I like the dull finish). The holes will be for the locking screws (M3):

Drilling and milling of the pressure plate:

Almost finished, only turning the cone needs to be done:

Finished and sand blasted:

For fitting I made a nice little helper which enables me to compress all the springs and take the complete  assembly to fit onto the clutch studs:

Aluminum (7075) parts back from anodization:

Complete assembly with springs, nuts, everything...

Pressed in a threaded bushing:

Compressed the springs, ready for mouting it to the clutch studs:

And finished!

Assembled like a charm with only one minor flaw: finding the nuts position to tighten the locking screws was a bit tricky.


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