Donnerstag, 4. April 2013

#2 Panhead parts

A nice little air cleaner ... some years ago I changed carb on my Pan from S&S Super E to Dell'Orto PHM38, by far the best modification ever. I made an adaptor ring for attaching the S&S air cleaner to the PHM38 but, since the Dell'Orto is wider, I always had problems with storing my right leg somewhere.

So I decided to make a new slim air cleaner. What do you need for that? First of all a K&N filter element (E-3200) and a pair of round aluminum discs (7075):

To have some insight into the carb, I'd wanted to have a small window on the outer cover plate, so some 5mm plexiglass is needed. Cut a part off and turn it round to 90/70mm:

Turned the outer cover from the outside and inside and test fitted the acrylic window:

Turned the inner cover from the outside and inside, as well as mounting holes:

Looks good so far:

Since the mounting adaptor is only screwed onto the carb, a locking mechanism must prevent the complete assembly from becoming loose. I don't want to use grub screws but found a nice stud on the carb I used for locking. The small cup is attached to the backplate of the air cleaner and prevents the whole assembly from rotating:

I reused the old mounting adaptor for the S&S air cleaner and drilled some new holes for mine:

For mounting the two plates together while keeping the distance between the two covers six spacer bolts like this were made:

Finally all parts were ready, bead blasted, sent out for anodization (black) and came back with a nice finish:

The mounting adaptor was grinded and polished on the inside:

Now, the mounting of all parts...first the adaptor ring and the inner plate:

Next, the six spacer bolts and the filter element:

The acrylic window was glued into to outer plate:

And finally, screwed onto the spacer bolts:

Looks good from the front:

And nice insight into the carb:


After some months of riding the window is still clear and carb interior is still visible. In light rain there's no problem with carburetion if the filter element is properly oiled, for heavy rain I always carry a K&N cover in my bag that slips on and of the filter element easily.


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