Freitag, 1. März 2013

#3 Raceknuckle

Forks...always a wildly discussed question when setting up a project. As this one should be in the style of a more or less classic racer modern telescopic forks are out of scope (in fact I shortly thought about using ultra modern upside down forks to create a contrast to the remaining bike but shortly means the idea was abandoned within minutes...)
I have springer forks on most of my other bikes, leaf-spring forks gets ugly at higher speeds so time for something new and finally found an Indian Chief girder fork most appealing.

As this is an old, used OEM part it needs a little work, straightening, new bushings:

Nice steering head cones:

Assembled, partly nickeled:

The shock is a racing shock/damper made by KONI, normally used on Formula 3000 cars. It is widely adjustable, lightweight and also the colors match to what the whole bike will be painted in the end


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